Islam religion

The US has Iran almost three years in prison from his captivity to release a pastor pastor to Islam religion except Christianity. to be sentenced to death.

US State Department spokesperson Victoria nulaind on Monday to Iran once again to release immediately the clergyman Yousef nadrakhani. Northern Iran in the city of rasht, nadrakhani born in Muslim family at the age of 19 he took on Christianity in Iran was powered. October, 2009 at their son being forced to read the Quran, he did the protests, After which he was arrested later the religion to denounce a provincial court has been charged with., sentenced to death to find guilty. He appealed against the decision. the hearing of the case the next nine trial court hearing in September. He refused to change their religion. after the case came to court, the Supreme Court has said that if the top. nadrakhani your religion Islam again His conviction, but the reflex may refuse the 34-year-old Parson.

Shiite-dominated Iran Muslim country's Constitution guarantees minorities equality status. Iranian law in Christianity is not a sin to another religion except Islam. but Iran in the same sentence adopters. in February, the statement released by the White House also execute punishment of censure nadrakhani. Twitter is running on the mounted against it.